Started: August 2012

Founder’s Notes:
I am currently shopping around for the right camera to take great macro shots. Until that purchase is completed, my blog posting abilities are limited to opinions about upcoming collections (promo photo and early release swatch based).

Any company that would like their product reviewed by me is welcomed to contact me via polishedgrad.qa@gmail.com

Copyright Information:
Any and all opinions are my own honest perspective. All original content (text and photos) are for polishedgrad.wordpress.com usage only. Any original Polished Grad (polishedgrad.wordpress.com) photos are not to be published anywhere else without strict written permission from the founder (me).  If I do find any of my original photos being used without express written permission, I will take the appropriate actions (including possible legal action). If any readers see my original photos being used, please contact me via polished.grad@gmail.com or polishedgrad on Twitter. Permission for usage can be obtained from: polishedgrad.pr@gmail.com

Company supplied promo shots will be occasionally used. Rights for those promo photos are reserved to the original publisher (most likely the company developing and distributing the products) and are respectfully used to review products.


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